Tri-County Health Care

Tri-County Health Care

Main Site


  • Added custom Layout Presets for Foundation columns.
  • Advanced Permissions for granting editing capabilities to specific users on specific pages.
  • Google Fonts
  • Foundation 5 Framework
    • Bower
    • Grunt
    • SCSS

Custom Programming

Provider Directory

  • Search by Name, Specialty, and Location
  • Provider Detail Page


  • Event Listings and Search
  • Event Registration

Custom Blocks

Tabbed Content Blocks – 4 blocks for defining the tabbed area and its panels. Uses Responsive Tabs jQuery plugin.

Image/Video Slider – Responsive jQuery Cycle slider that can contain YouTube and image slides. Images openĀ in Magnific Popup.

And some others that aren’t as cool: Home Feature, Home Slider, iChoose, Page Intro Image, Page Selector.

Other jQuery Plugins


jQuery Offscreen

Smooth Scroll



  • WordPress
    • FoundationPress based custom theme.
  • Masonry layout


New site for new product by from new client. We even got to design it, though it very much followed elements from the catalog they were putting together and it became and interesting journey as always. Anyway, it is a “one” pager WP site translated to 7 languages. Some items for your consideration:

  • Almost 50 custom ACF fields
  • Goolge Analytic event tracking – you view a panel, Google knows it. (Have it tied to animation effects per panelĀ  first would have used waypoints, but didn’t have them at the time).
  • Polylang WP plugin. Works rather nice, tho documentation was tough to find and it did have issues at times (I think was more because of WP Engine caching).
  • Oh, hosted on WP Engine with Nazi caching
  • Some quazi replicated site action. Grabs an ID from the URL and changes some links and info to tie into the parent corp system. The Caching also wreaked havoc on this. Some extra js work around were required here.
  • Vimeo PRO video embeds. Then later used oEmbed json format to pull the thumbnails for each vid to make a new pager. Note: If the videos are anything but public, the normal simple api for getting video data does not work. The oEmbed method does work, but with somewhat limited data.
  • Neato on-view animations with wow.js and animate.css (thanks, DR – I had always done this with waypoints). Note: I forsee using wow/animate in the future, but only grabbing it parts at a time. That seems to make the most sense to me. I also did one custom animation tied to wow AND tied the GA tracking to these event callbacks. Eventually I need to add Waypoints.js for additional function, and should have probably used that from the beginning for GA, but I didn’t.
  • Home-baked responsive modal/pop-overs for additional info panels. I kind of like how it works, though a little messy here as there were numerous changes.
  • Custom JG-anti-grid scss components (like that, Darin?) and js components, grunt libsass minify, bla bla bla
  • Prolly a few other things I am forgetting at the moment.

St. Croix Collections

St. Croix Collections

Pick out a sweet sweater. This thing finally launched. Clean design, lots of image work. Used posts to create products / categories, conditional archive page to display products or news.

  • WordPress
  • FoundationPress (w/ SCSS, Grunt, bla bla bla)
  • Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)
  • jQuery MixItUp jQ plugin for product sorting (Got a multi dev license, got you covered, DR)
  • Subscribe to Category WP Plugin (emails news posts to signees)
  • Google Maps Pro WP Plugin for Store Locator
  • Funky hover effects
  • Custom off-canvas menu (non-foundation)