Central McGowan

Central McGowan


  • Adventure Designed
  • Concrete5
    • Dealer Map that uses Composer
    • Formidable form addon
  • HTML5 Boilerplate
  • Responsive
  • Google Fonts
  • jQuery
    • jQuery Waypoints
    • Cycle2
Initio3i site launch

Initio3i site launch

They wanted a one page scrolling site that was primarily designed to fit in landscape mode on an ipad. Things of note: uses jQuery Waypoints to find scrolled positions and notify the nav and move the position marker. Also used Typekit to deliver the font.


Northern Eye Center

Northern Eye Center


  • Adventure Designed (Tom)
  • html5, css3 trannies, boilerplate
  • jQ glasses animation on home page (3 random)
  • image map / cycle / drs fade thing
  • old simple CMS (couldn’t afford c5 I guess?)
  • they bought a font license ‘Intro’ – @font-faced it
Legacy Building Solutions Launch

Legacy Building Solutions Launch


Some rather interesting client demand made this site the way it is – but good job to Rob for pushing them through to launch. Some interesting things to note perhaps: c5.5/html 5, custom modal box dealie that really doesn’t do much of anything, custom-ish c5 photo galleries, news, sliders, used jQ masonry for the galleries, of and the auto nav was edited by BD to deal with the goofy hidden parent giving their children to their youngest sibling bug we’ve encountered a handful of times before.