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Burlington Associates

Burlington Associates

So apparently if you deal with a subject like community land trusts you need the website to keep your attention. These guys wanted a fun, out-of-the-box type of solution that involved horizontal scrolling mixed in with this lithograph art style one of the partners is interested in. Oh and they wanted it to be c5’d and reasonably mobile capable.

While it wasn’t built to be mobile first (I could see some sort of optimization down the road maybe), some things needed to be addressed for touch. For one, they wanted scrolling div/iframe type areas on the main home page spread. I tried a whole mess of things and ended up with this DW Scroll Plugin ( I only have the one license, but I think it may be worth getting the developer license for it. It is nicer to customize I think than jsscroll and actually works pretty well in both screen and touch environments.

It does all sorts of jQuery resizing, sidescrolling, hashchange, cycle, fancybox, embedded pdf zaniness too. HTML5 Boilerplate, CSS3 Trannies, Google webfonts, and probably some other things I’m missing. Kind of a weird, but kind of cool site.

Arguments against “The Fold”

When we talk to a customer (or agency customer) giving us issues about the fold let them read this.

Fun Article about webdesign

Paradise Outfitters Site Launch

Paradise Outfitters Site Launch

The man behind Midwest Sports Exchange is starting a guide and outfitting service in northern MN. He wanted a simple, but unique site to talk about his services.  This site is pretty simple, but has some cool interactivity on the homepage, but is otherwise pretty simple. We used some Google fonts and it has simple CMS backend for updating the text.

Visit the site here: