Find possible php exploit files

grep '((eval.*(base64_decode|gzinflate|\$_))|\$[0O]{4,}|FilesMan|JGF1dGhfc|IIIl|die\(PHP_OS|posix_getpwuid|Array\(base64_decode|document\.write\("\\u00|sh(3(ll|11)))' /my/path/to/vhosts/ -lroE --include=*.php*

Responsive Email Templates

Justin asked earlier about some responsive email design templates, and I had a few bookmarked that I’ve used on earlier projects. Both are pretty solid, and can be built off of pretty easily.

  • Initio designed
  • Convert to responsive
  • Fontawesome icons
  • Composer style recipes and products, features, etc
  • Cycle 2, fancybox 2, js height equalizer, the usual
  • Color coded sections

Nothing too fancy here really. The color coding and a lot of different layouts made this a bit of a challenge, especially when making responsive, but nothing to crazy. We’ll see how it goes as they continue to edit content.