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QuarterTon Launch

QuarterTon Launch

After 2.5 years or so… Quartertonproductions.com has launched. It is a c5 site with a WP blog added. Also of note are a couple of video playing customizations (home page and watch this) that pulls in youtube videos, a goofy little water cooler swf animation, and a jQ twitter feed thingy.

new palmer site launch

New site at http://www.palmerprinting.com/


    • Flash intro
    • Mobile goodness.  Phone and tablet.
    • css expander-ness.

    Videos on websites

    How videos should be sent (idealy)

    1. Videos should be sent in at the exact size/bitrate they want them and if not it should be sent in at a decent size (mpeg, mp4, h.264, wmv) so we can do a good conversion on it.  That means we’ll need to send the dimensions if we’re trying to fill a certain space in the site.
    2. For flash, videos do get a bit blocky at lower bitrates. I orginally did these BLH ones at 600 kbps, but since they want them sharper I ran them at the default of 1500 kbps even though it doubled the file size.
    3. If file size really matters its going to show in the video quality. Good balance might be around 1000 kbps for flash video.
    4. With html5 video we can get some better quality out of using (mp4, h.264)

    I wonder if we should also have a set argument for youtube and/or vimeo? I haven’t looked at what these guys entirely offer, but I’m gonna make a few blanket assumptions…

    1. kinda industry standard as far as interface / processing / file types etc.
    2. handles all OS’s / devices in their own way. We just embed, throw in a prettyphoto, etc..
    3. user wants something better – they upload/set it as such. These guys can handle HD etc.
    4. We are no longer hosting giant ass Video files on our servers or the clients shit-ass server
    5. no conversion tools necessary on our part
    6. etc.

    I’m guessing this wouldn’t be the solution 100% of the time, but I think we should spend a little time on discovery to maybe figure out what these services can provide – even if it were an upgraded acct, etc.? It would obviously save us time/energy – but I think we can also make an argument for it being better for the client in ways too.

    All other inputers do so in comments section.